Friday, May 4, 2012

Blog Post 14 & Project 13


Project 13 pic

Project #13

In our efforts to complete Project 15 and even 16 our group used several methods of communication. The main was, using video and text chatting. We found this method to be very helpful in creating ideas for our blog. It's quite amazing that four people can all see each other at one time and even create a universal project without meeting face to face!
 We also used the technology of cell phones to connect, through text and calling. This is a normal method but also effective. You never truly realize how much you depend on technology until it is taken. For example, if you tell a child your are grounded, and they need to go to their room, I always wonder why they still seemed to be so happy. But if you tell that same child, no television and you take their cell phone. You will be certain to produce a different result, mainly a better acting child. They will do and behave however necessary to get their device back. My point is that technology is not only a way of this new generation, it is a part of us. So this is a few ways in which we collabed without meeting for Project 15 and 16, and we found this method to be useful for our future endeavors.

Project 16