Friday, May 4, 2012

Blog Post 14 & Project 13


Project 13 pic

Project #13

In our efforts to complete Project 15 and even 16 our group used several methods of communication. The main was, using video and text chatting. We found this method to be very helpful in creating ideas for our blog. It's quite amazing that four people can all see each other at one time and even create a universal project without meeting face to face!
 We also used the technology of cell phones to connect, through text and calling. This is a normal method but also effective. You never truly realize how much you depend on technology until it is taken. For example, if you tell a child your are grounded, and they need to go to their room, I always wonder why they still seemed to be so happy. But if you tell that same child, no television and you take their cell phone. You will be certain to produce a different result, mainly a better acting child. They will do and behave however necessary to get their device back. My point is that technology is not only a way of this new generation, it is a part of us. So this is a few ways in which we collabed without meeting for Project 15 and 16, and we found this method to be useful for our future endeavors.

Project 16


Saturday, April 28, 2012

Blog 13


pic of technology with a line through it

What is banned; any use of television, video records or players, computers, tablets, notepads or similar devicesVideo cameras, audio recorders or equipment, radios, iPods, iPads, iPhones (or any cell phone), telephones other than land line telephones.

I must be honest with you Dr. Strange. This type of fast was impossible for me! You never really consider just how much you are attached to things, until you are seperated from them; whether temporary or forever. My wife loves television(as I do), so I would have to stay over another persons house to escaped this. It takes computers to do my school work for this class as well as two other courses that I'm taking, so that was impossible. I run a christian radio station, so what could I do there?

I think I see your point. We really should look at where technology has brought us, and we should also value just how much we use it in our everyday lives. Most people can barely go one day with out it! I started to laugh at this project because it's like you saved the best for last. Trust me, if no other lesson that you have given demonstrated to need of technology, you can rest easy that this one did. I could not go but maybe a few hours and that was it, maybe three was doable. We need technology and technology needs us! Great blog assignment!

PLN Final Report


This is the final summary of my PLN! This picture is not a demo, it's the real project. I have so many connections in one place, and all of them are to help me in my future endeavors. I have things from teaching, coaching, shopping, speaking and even preaching! I so excited to that Dr. Strange recommended to create a PLN. The best part is that nothing is permanent, you can always make changes, add and delete. This is like a one stop shop for educators. I hope that others can view this PLN and even create ideas for there own. This is a amazing project and just another great example of the innovative technolgy of today!

Project #15

Thursday, April 26, 2012


C4T Summary

My C4T teacher of the month's name was Jabiz. He said that he is a, "Amateur writer, musician, photographer, filmmaker and all around provocateur, I am persistently preaching the gospel of sharing and open expression for students and teachers alike." 


Jabiz is this post called Support Esther in the Bay To Breakers, he spoke about help these lest fortunate African students, who struggled to receive education. It spoke about in this post how many Kenyans received violent treatment just for being smart. While us Americans have drop-out rates that are unbelievable! This really stirred my emotions because while they are fighting just to learn, we are barely fighting to teach our children, and keep them in school. Some, may disagree, but the proof is in the numbers and results, talk is cheap.

My reply: 

Hi Jabiz!
My name is Frederic Robinson and I attended the University of South Alabama. I’m in a class called EDM310 and I’m studying Physical Education.
I read about the Daraja program and was saddened and amazed all in one. I was sad that these children want to learn but can hardly find anyone to support them financially. I was glad and amazed when I read about Esther and her story of being rescued. She said in one post, ““Nothing is more important than my education,” Esther said. “I overcome dif´Čüculties because that is what we must do. For me to have a future, I focus on my education.” The thing that really convicts me the most is that we have children in America dropping out of school for no reason, while people in Kenya children are being molested and taken advantage of just because their smart students, and want education. So thank you guys for all your doing to make a difference in these childrens lives. I will surely keep them in prayer and consider on donationing soon.

2nd Post

My second review was a post by Jabiz called Launch Forth. This post was mainly about connection. Jabiz used a piece of peotry by Walt Whitman, who was a old-time poet, who wrote about social media, before it even existed! Go read this post(Launch Forth) for more details. 

I really loved this post because Jabiz talked about the loneliness that a person experiences without someone to connect to. Some say that's why people long for God, because they want a connection with a higher source. Jabiz, says that the internet is a great source for connecting the world together, in which I agree. I did say that social media is not a god to me, nor religion, but it does help connect the world together. So rather, I see it as a gift from God, that can be used for the good of mankind, or the moral destruction of many, it's our choice.

My Reply:

Hi Jabiz!
My name is Frederic Robinson and I attended the University of South Alabama. I’m in a class called EDM310 and I’m studying Physical Education. I wrote you last week.
I just read your post about Walt Whitman and Ze Frank. I watched the video by Ze Frank and was impressed. I'm currently doing a study on Walt Whitman for Literature class and I'm a christian artist, who sings rap. So I can appreciate both Frank and Whitman. Whitman for releasing life on paper and Frank for connecting to people. You also talked about connecting. We must all connect with someone, it's a part of life. The internet can be a great tool for connection if used properly. I don't beleive it to be a god or a source of religion but rather a tool allowed by God to connect the world and better our nations(if used properly). Thanks again for sharing your thoughts, they are always helpful!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

C4K Summary

                                        C4K Summary

kids world pic

In my first C4K Andy wrote about his first blog. I must say that I was impressed. The reason is not because of the length of writing or the grammar or the eloquent words he chose, but rather that he was writing a blog at such a young age! As a little kid I never had a computer, all we had was the good old outdoors. But Andy is chatting with people all across the globe. I guess that is a good enough reason to be excited for our children's future. 

]My reply about his first blog was:

Hi Andy!
My name is Frederic Robinson and I attended the University of South Alabama. I’m in a class called EDM310 and I’m studying Physical Education.
I recently read your first blog post! You said that you love pumpkin pie; so is your favorite holiday Halloween? Mine is Christmas. Who is your favorite football team and player? I know this is your first blog but I hope that you post more so I can read them!
I will write about what I read on your blog on my personal blogin the near future, so please stop by from time to time. Overall, think you done a great job in writing about this blog for the first time and I look forward to reading more of your post in the future. Well, best of wishes and take care!

My second C4K was about a first grader named Titan. The topic of his blog was Hiding Eggs at Easter. This was a fun blog to read because I just love easter and it's whole meaning, with Christ. I also love to see childrens face light up when receiving an easter basket or even egg hunting. My brother and sisters used to hunt for eggs for hours when we was children. I miss those good old innocent days. As you can see, Titan was successful if at nothing else, in drawing many of the older crowd backing to our younder days. Great post!

My reply to his post was:

Hi Titan!

My name is Frederic Robinson and I attended the University of South Alabama. I’m in a class called EDM310 and I’m studying Physical Education. 

I read your post about the Easter Bunny. Did you receive any easter eggs? My favorite holiday is Christmas, what is yours?

I will write about what I read on your blog on my personal blog in the near future, so please stop by from time to time. Please keep writing on your blog, take care!