Saturday, April 28, 2012

Blog 13


pic of technology with a line through it

What is banned; any use of television, video records or players, computers, tablets, notepads or similar devicesVideo cameras, audio recorders or equipment, radios, iPods, iPads, iPhones (or any cell phone), telephones other than land line telephones.

I must be honest with you Dr. Strange. This type of fast was impossible for me! You never really consider just how much you are attached to things, until you are seperated from them; whether temporary or forever. My wife loves television(as I do), so I would have to stay over another persons house to escaped this. It takes computers to do my school work for this class as well as two other courses that I'm taking, so that was impossible. I run a christian radio station, so what could I do there?

I think I see your point. We really should look at where technology has brought us, and we should also value just how much we use it in our everyday lives. Most people can barely go one day with out it! I started to laugh at this project because it's like you saved the best for last. Trust me, if no other lesson that you have given demonstrated to need of technology, you can rest easy that this one did. I could not go but maybe a few hours and that was it, maybe three was doable. We need technology and technology needs us! Great blog assignment!

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