Thursday, April 12, 2012

Blog Post#11

This video Little Kids....Big Potential was really rich in showing the value of technology. Kathy Cassidy is a pioneer in my opinion becuase she was using computers in class when hardly anyone else was accepting it. There was video clips of her kids using blogs, Skype, webpages, and more! I love the clip were she has the children to say, "don't say mean stuff, it could hurt someones feelings." That is really important while using something new, we must teach our children the guidelines. Cassidy said that children and technology go hand and hand. She stated that, we as teachers "must change because the world has changed." I love her approach to dare to be different and innovative. Cassidy made a statement that we all piggy back from one another, she learned from others, and we learn from her, and others learn from us. It becomes a beautiful cycle of wisdom being shared from educator to educator.
Little kids picture

I believe that her approach will be beneficial in my class because I plan to try new things. It's good to see someone lead the difficult path, which gives me motivation that I can as well. Now I'm sure this will come with many obstacles,(mainly from my teaching peers) because others are stuck in tradition, but if we just stick to the vision we have, eventually some(not all) will follow. So the way we handle impediments is sticking to what our goals is. Cassidy said we must keep up with technology, which means we must not only accept technology but we must keep up with it, and keep learning. Not all methods will work, but we must find what works for our style. The only way we will become the teachers of the future, is to leave the past and embrace the change.


  1. "The only way we will become the teachers of the future, is to leave the past and embrace the change." I like that!

    Thoughtful, well done!

  2. Hi, Frederic!
    I really enjoyed reading your post. It is extremely well written! I am glad to see that you plan to try new things in your classroom. The quote above in Dr. Strange's comment really hit me. Those are probably the wisest words I have ever read on any other students' blog. Obstacles will come as you said, but they won't last forever!