Sunday, April 22, 2012

Blog Post#12

Can Technology Help to Produce Good Fitness?

Not all teachers will be in normal classrooms, some will mainly be in the gym. I'm speaking about teachers such as myself, a Physical Education major. This might not carry the same weight as Science or Math teachers, but believe me, it carries weight. Health is a very important topic, not only in schools, but also in everyday life. So this video Technology in The PE Classroom, will help us focus on the importance of not only a good mind, but a healthy body. This way, we can be smart teachers and educators, but also healthy ones. Go ahead and watch this video below.

Now that you have watched this video, what do you think was the most surprising? How can this video challenge the normal PE teacher to be different? Please spend 30 minutes or so writing your random thoughts of how this video has impacted your view of technology being used in Physical Education. Be sure to write a Qaulity Blog Post, and be sure to post your reply in the blog post.


  1. Hi Frederic,
    Great job on your blog post. I also agree with you that health is a important topic. I beleive many teachers today do not realize this, and we need to pay more attention to bringing health into the classroom. I beleive your assignment would work great to bring the importance of health to the light for fellow teachers. The only problem I did see was that Dr. Strange assigned that we actually do the assigment also. I may have missed this but I could not find it in your blog post. Keep up the good work!

  2. Frederic,

    This is interesting but part of the assignment is to ALSO actually do the assignment you create.