Sunday, April 1, 2012

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 What I Learned This Year (2009-10) (2010-2011)

This post on What I learned This Year was very helpful to me. It was helpful because Mr. Mclung goes in depth about his recent experiences as a teacher. He is a new teacher, that is finding his way into the school system. 

learning tree with words

One of the first lessons that he gives is to "Adapt." We all know that every job is not the same. McClung found this out from a face to face experience. He was teaching the 6th grade, but the next year the 8th grade. He was teaching one subject and the next year, three subject. So he had to learn new subjects and new students in the same year! He said this was a major challenge, which I can agree. He spoke about how many different, first time experiences that he had to overcome. For example, "This year held many first for me. It was my first year to teach jr. high students, it was my first time to teach social studies and history, it was my first time to work in a large school district, and it was my first year that I had to three different subjects in the same year," McClung stated. 

He also spoke about allowing his children to be "independent thinkers." This to me is extrememly important. We can not afford to push all of our thoughts on children and expect them to blosom into something beautiful. Each flower must bloom individually, at their own pace. 

Overall, this was a great blog, especially for any first time teacher. I have kept many valued nuggets that was spoken in this blog, like making a friend with school moms, moving pass my comfort zone, and to adapt. I must check my ego and be ready for the challenges of being a teacher, because every great achievement comes with its share of sacrifice.

What I Learned This Year 2010-11

What I learned This Year 2010-2011 was full of knowledge to know! Mr. McClung is this post explained how experience can bring laziness, or cause you to become comfortable. He said that he learned new things but because of experience, it was easier. And in life, we tend to seek the easy route. But what I love about McClung is that he avoids the easy route, because he doesn't want to become a tradtional teacher. That is one thing I admire about Dr. John Strange and EDM310, he teaches us avoid the normal. How will we ever have a future, if we are stuck in the past?

McClung reminded me that in teaching, I must not be a people pleaser. He said, "
I play my music way too loud, I eat my lunch with students and not in the teacher's lounge, I enjoy being connected to my students through blogging and social media, and I enjoy being immature. It took me a while before I was comfortable with not fitting in with the rest of the crowd but I realized that my common core of beliefs were important to me and that I needed to be myself and not worry about the perception that others have of me." This is really important because it's possible to forget why your chose to teach. The hardships of life can cause you to lose focus on the goal. Like he stated, the children should be the number one goal of the teacher, not social clicks or groups.

In conclusion, this was a very refreshing reminder to stay focused in my endeavors. I must not strive to please people, because they can't even please themselves. Our childrens' future(in education), is held in the balance of the teachers of today. We must not drop the ball!


  1. "It was helpful because Mr. Mclung goes" McClung, not Mclung.

    I hope you will make annual reflections like Mr. McClung.

    Good summary!

  2. Hello Fred,

    I totally agree that children need to "blossom" into individual and independent thinkers. As a teacher I believe we need to continue to nurture their growth.
    Continue to remain focused on your endeavor and I'm sure you will be a wonderful mentor to your students.