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Project #9B

THE DAY I......

PLN Project# 10


This PLN project is really exciting! I have access to all of these great social network sites(Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Myspace, Google, and more) at one time. I'm coming alone pretty well with putting together a list of my most important contacts. I have teachers, counselor, friends, etc. This is almost like a information wallet for life. This will be a very beneficial tool for now, as well as the future, when I began my teaching career. I'm so glad this was on our project list!

C4T Summary #2

C4K Summary

Pic of a kids being bullied

Bully BanN was my first C4T, posted in Connected Principals, by Amber Teamann. Amber Teamann is an assistant principal at Luna Elementary in Garland, Texas. In this blog Amber was speaking about a nine year old kid named Montana Lance who hung himself because of School bullying. Amber addressed the concerns of the teacher and explained what steps we must take to address and fix the issue. I honestly believe that school bullying is under estimated. Amber spoke about how so many teachers are underpaid and how so many children complain about cases unnecessary, which both are true. But as we both agreed, this is no excuse! If we take on the role of teacher, we should take the whole pie, and monitoring our children is necessary. Yes, even with the false alarms and under-payment, we should do our best. Put it this way, what if it was your child, how would you respond?

This was a great post and should be highly regarded by all teachers. Again, part of being a teacher is being a mentor as well.

My reply to Amber's Post:
My name is Frederic Robinson and I attend The University of South Alabama. I’m in a class called EDM310 and this is how I found your post. I first want to thank you for sharing this post about Montana Lance with the world. I know a lot of times we try to cover up reality, but this issue must be faced and fixed. Any person with a heart and children can understand your point of view about bullying being banned. I’m glad that you adressed the concerns of the teachers because I believe that children complaining about being picked on can be a little over the top at times. Not to mention, the teachers have their own personal problems at home and the basic issue of life to deal with. But I agree, none of these things when compared with a human’s life is acceptable. If we accept the role of a teacher, we need to understand that it is more than books and lecture. It’s lives and the problems that these little children bring into our classroom. We should study our children and learn how to deal with each individual differently. And if we look through the eyes of that person being bullied, that will indeed help us understand the importance of banning this movement. We can make a change, one step of speaking out at a time.
I will soon write a review on my personal blog and you can also visit our class blog by clicking the link. Thank you again for sharing this post, it will help me monitor my class more effectively in the near future. Well, take care and please continue to make a difference in the lives of our future generation.

My second C4T was Surving a Leadership Undercurrent written by Brian Nichols. Nichols is currently the executive director of School Leadership in Newport News Public Schools. He was named Outstanding Young Educator for 2010 by ASCD. 

Nichols brought out an amazing way to handle oppostion, when leading a new idea. We know that people don't always respond so positive to change. So Nichols in his evaluation and experience said that we should not fight against but, “swim perpendicular to the direction of the undercurrent.” In others words, when people disagree, we should not always fight directly against them, because two negatives equals a negative. We should instead mantian a positive mindset and try to reason with your opposers. Now of course, we won't convince everyone, but I'm sure with a little time and effort, we can convert some.

I will implement this style of teaching into my efforts of innovation. This post by Nichols was a great eye opener for me. And with a little sacrifice, I'm sure that we can even pass this down in classrooms, homes, and more! Great Post!

My Reply to Brian Nichol's Post:

Hi Brian,
My name is Frederic Robinson and I attend The University of South Alabama. I’m in a class called EDM310, which directed me to this page. I have to say, I’m glad it did. As I was reading your post, I think I caught a chill on the revelation that was given about how to handle a undercurrent. I never really thought of handling oppostion in such a way, but now I can. So we must not fight against but, “swim perpendicular to the direction of the undercurrent.” This is very healthy advice not only for teachers but all leaders, even in homes, churches, and etc. We all face issues when trying something new, but it always helps to discover how to control yourself. I think someone said, “you can’t control what happens to you, but you can control how you respond.” Great Post!
I will write a summary about what I read on your blog on my personal blog in the near future, you can also visit our class blog , so please stop by from time to time. I look forward to reading more of your post in the future. Well, best of wishes and take care.

Blog Post #7

Wendy Drexler: The Networked Student

Social Network Picture

Wendy Drexler's The Networked Student is a touch of reality. As a student, there is a lot to learn from this video. First, we need to realize that we are going to become teachers, very soon. We must truly evaluate the style and method that we will use to educate our students. I have the mindset leaning more toward a technology based method, but I thought I would use just books and a chalkboard when I first began. But the students of the 21st Century will be more skilled in technology rather than books. The reason that I say this is because of Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, just to name a few. Socail media is the new way of reaching our children. So what do you do when your children in class know technology and as a teacher, all you know is books and lecture?

Drexler spoke in this video about something called connectivism. This is many diverse connections and its ties. This method is to teach your students to take control of their learning, and not to wait for a teacher to teach you. I actually love this method because I believe each individual has been blessed with thier own creativity, and if we learn everything from the teacher, we only see her creative side, or the persons' who taught her. We should all be released  to express our own creative imagination. This is one great benefit of EDM310!

Why does the networked student even need a teacher? A networked student needs a teacher because, who's going to teach them how the decide what is good and bad learning habits? Who is going to give guidance of how to surf the web? How will the networked student learn to build a learning network? All of these ideas are explained by the teacher. So it's essential to have a guidance leader to become that great teacher who will be able to guide his flock of followers in the future. 

I will be able to use these methods of becoming a networked student with my classes in the near future. I will also be able to educate them on how to write a quality blog post, use correct grammar, and even create a podcast. These will be an effective and fun learning tools for my students. Somebody said that we must, "face the facts" and the fact is, technology is the future of educating our children.


Welcome to my PLE by Wendy Dexler was very impressive but also informative. I learned how to be a better organized student by using a PLN. Drexler's PLE was a bit different from my PLE because she had her PLE arranged by catagories. I never really thought to place the school information on the bottom and the other sites at the top. Drexler explained the need to reseach your projects and even seek peer reviews by professionals before making your final post. This is a good way to get better as well as recieve healthy correction. I now have a better understanding of not just what to add to my PLN by also how to arrange the order. This was a great video

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Project #8 Podcast

C4K Summary

C4K Summary

C4K pic of Camera

My first weeks C4K was about a student name Taite. She recently visited the Boston Science Museum! She explained how she saw all types of cool animals and had a bunch of fun. I spoke with her about her visit and asked her about the animals she saw. I never received a reply yet, but I'm patiencely waiting. She also spoke about how she learned how electricity moves through the human body, which I thought was fascinating! It's incredible to learn that my body has electric in it and it does shock itself! Overall, this was a very cool student and she is truly on task to impacting the world in a positive way!

My Comment to Taite's Blog:
My name is Frederic Robinson, I’m a college student from Mobile, AL. I currently attend the University of South Alabama. I’m married to a wonderful wife named April and I have a beautiful daughter named Carli.
I recently read your latest blog about the Boston Science Museum. It seems as if you had a bunch of fun, as well as learned about a lot of cool stuff! I would love to here more about electricity in the human body. It also seems that you seen a lot of cool animals. I’m a huge Animal Planet fan, are you?

I will be writing a summary about this blog into my personal blog in the near future, about my visit to your page. Again, it was a pleasure visiting your page, and I’ll talk to you later.

My second weeks C4K was to student named Kiera. Kiera expressed her deep love and compassion that she has for her brother. She spoke about how he loved sports, which I thought was awesome! I'm a huge sports fan myself so I was curious of who his favorite team was? I can remember how growing up, my sisters all loved me and my brother too. We were like their personal body gaurds. Just like Kiera, we all have some role models that we look up too, so I appreciate how a child helped me reflect on the things that really count in life. This was a great blog posting!

My comment to Kiera's Blog:

My name is Frederic Robinson, I’m 32 years old and I attend the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Al. When I finish school I will be a PE teacher and a Basketball coach.

I really enjoyed your latest blog about your brother. He sounds like a pretty fun guy to have as a brother. You mentioned in your blog that he loved sports, so who is his favorite team? Who is your favorite team?
Finally, I have 1 brother and 4 sisters and they all have passed the 6th grade, and I graduated from Grand Bay High School in 1998. Well, I loved your blog and please keep writing and stay in touch!

In my third C4K, I read a post by Anya. She read a book about Dr. Fleinenstein. He lived in a 1800 style home and never went outside. It was never explained why he never went outside, but we just know that he didn't. We all have certain types of phobia's, whether its snakes, spiders, or rats. This was a very intersting book that Anya read. It put in mind of that innocent childhood fun, that worry free and all fun type of life. Dr. Fleinenstein flew to outerspace, and met a Wallabeast. After this, the story doesn't explain if he flew back home or not. In my Drama class, my teacher calls this type of story a "Cliffhanger". A cliffhanger is the type of story that gets you all worked up to know what happens in the end, but it never explains, but rather leaves you hanging to know. Overall, this was a great and exciting post by Anya, and I look forward to reading more of her post!

My comment to Anya's Blog:

My name is Frederic Robinson and I attended the University of South Alabama. I’m in a class called EDM310 and I’m studying Physical Education. 

I recently read your blog about Dr. Fleinenstein. This sounds like a very interesting book. I thought that it was sorta funny as well. You said that he lived in a 1800s style home, so do you know what year it was? Did the book explain some of the things that Dr. Fleinenstein made that was not successful? So he finally made it into outerspace, and met a Wallabeast. I wonder if the Wallabeast ate him or if he was able to fly away. These are just a few questions that came to mind after reading your wonderful post. 

I will write about what I read on your blog on my personal blog in the near future, so please stop by from time to time. Overall, think you done a great job in writing about this book and I look forward to reading more of your post in the future. Well, best of wishes and take care.

My fourth C4K was about a student named Bobby. Bobby's class was instructed to write about poems. He chose to write a beautiful poem about Christmas! I told Bobby how much I appreciated his poem and how much I loved Christmas. He said in his poem, "Christmas is a time of cheer, Happy days are here..."(first line) I couldn't agree with Bobby more, its just something about Christmas that brings cheer and happiness. I asked him if he was writing any other poems soon. I write christain rap, so I felt that we were connected in a small type of way. This blog reminded me that we all have gifts and talents that we should use to bless the world with, and to remember that holidays are a time of joy and happiness, and that we who are full of joy, should help the one's who are sad. Overall, this was a very hopeful blog post and it just took my mind back to Chrsitmas time! 


My name is Frederic Robinson and I attended the University of South Alabama. I’m in a class called EDM310 and I’m studying Physical Education.

I love your poem about Christmas! This is my favorite season of the year. I wonder if Christmas is your favorite time of the year? When do you plan on writing another poem? What will the topic be about? I actually write music myself, it’s christian rap music. My website is
I will write about what I read on your blog on my personal blog in the near future, so please stop by from time to time.

Overall, think you done a great job in writing this poem and I look forward to reading more of your post in the future. Well, best of wishes and take care.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

BLog Post #6

Randy Pausch Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams

Childhood dream picture-girl looking into the bluesky

I'm almost speechless in what to say about Randy Pausch's Last Speech. For a man to be so close to the point of death, but still having fun and living and being unselfish is so unheard of. He explained so many valuable things to embrace in life and what to wear losely. We all have childhood dreams, many of which we have either let fade or have forgotten or even given up on, but Pausch reminded us to never give up. He also spoke about enabling the dreams of others. Finally, he spoke about lessons learned: how you can achive your dreams or enable the dreams of others. So I'm going to review just a few points that I learned and how it can help myself and others' life in the future.

First, the point that grabbed my attention was about brick walls. Randy said, "brick walls are there for a reason, they let us prove how badly we want things." I can find this to be true, because we all have had a brick wall in life. I hit a brick wall in my first attempt in college. I dropped out because of drugs and alcohol. But by God's grace, I'm striving again to graduate because I really want to do better for myself, family and others. I believe this method can be applied in so many let downs that we face in this life, and brick wall doesn't mean you can't, it's just a question of how bad do you want it?

Pausch also spoke about enabling the dreams of others, which was great. There was a research study that proved that most people who help others, are not only healthier but tend to live longer than a person who is isolated in life. I believe that is Pausch's point in this statement that was given. He expressed when teaching his students, that we should not set a bar anywhere. He said it would be a "disservice." That is great advice because who knows the limits of a persons potential besides their Craetor? So with my students this will remain in my mind, in case I would end up crippling my students potential. We should also not for get the ones who helped us along the way, Randy said. People like our parents, teachers and peers. We should never lose our child like wonder, and keep a feed back critic. So we can even learn from those who criticize us, if we take heed. 

Pausch really amazed me with his "head fakes." I never imagined that is this lecture he was teaching me how to lead my life. He done a great job in keeping that plan covered. Similar to the brillant idea by Pausch to "teach millions to have fun while learning something hard." I also did not catch the fact that he was speaking unto his children.

Overall, I take for this lecture to live to your fullest potential, but this is impossible without others helping. Pausch had great achievments but many people helped him to become the man that he was. So this will help me both in living and teaching. Living, because he taught to always do your best, while never giving up, even when you hit brick walls. Teaching because I understand even more, that I should teach people who are better than me, so from generation to generation, the world will continue to evolve into better innovators of teaching our children.