Thursday, March 1, 2012

BLog Post #6

Randy Pausch Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams

Childhood dream picture-girl looking into the bluesky

I'm almost speechless in what to say about Randy Pausch's Last Speech. For a man to be so close to the point of death, but still having fun and living and being unselfish is so unheard of. He explained so many valuable things to embrace in life and what to wear losely. We all have childhood dreams, many of which we have either let fade or have forgotten or even given up on, but Pausch reminded us to never give up. He also spoke about enabling the dreams of others. Finally, he spoke about lessons learned: how you can achive your dreams or enable the dreams of others. So I'm going to review just a few points that I learned and how it can help myself and others' life in the future.

First, the point that grabbed my attention was about brick walls. Randy said, "brick walls are there for a reason, they let us prove how badly we want things." I can find this to be true, because we all have had a brick wall in life. I hit a brick wall in my first attempt in college. I dropped out because of drugs and alcohol. But by God's grace, I'm striving again to graduate because I really want to do better for myself, family and others. I believe this method can be applied in so many let downs that we face in this life, and brick wall doesn't mean you can't, it's just a question of how bad do you want it?

Pausch also spoke about enabling the dreams of others, which was great. There was a research study that proved that most people who help others, are not only healthier but tend to live longer than a person who is isolated in life. I believe that is Pausch's point in this statement that was given. He expressed when teaching his students, that we should not set a bar anywhere. He said it would be a "disservice." That is great advice because who knows the limits of a persons potential besides their Craetor? So with my students this will remain in my mind, in case I would end up crippling my students potential. We should also not for get the ones who helped us along the way, Randy said. People like our parents, teachers and peers. We should never lose our child like wonder, and keep a feed back critic. So we can even learn from those who criticize us, if we take heed. 

Pausch really amazed me with his "head fakes." I never imagined that is this lecture he was teaching me how to lead my life. He done a great job in keeping that plan covered. Similar to the brillant idea by Pausch to "teach millions to have fun while learning something hard." I also did not catch the fact that he was speaking unto his children.

Overall, I take for this lecture to live to your fullest potential, but this is impossible without others helping. Pausch had great achievments but many people helped him to become the man that he was. So this will help me both in living and teaching. Living, because he taught to always do your best, while never giving up, even when you hit brick walls. Teaching because I understand even more, that I should teach people who are better than me, so from generation to generation, the world will continue to evolve into better innovators of teaching our children.


  1. I enjoyed Randy's last speech as well. So touching. I would recommend that you also watch as many TED Talk videos as possible as well as you seek to become an educator. This one by Angela Maiers is especially meaningful to me:
    Best wishes on your degree!
    Michelle TeGrootenhuis
    "Mrs. T.G." :)

  2. Hello Fredrick. I see that you were touched from this video just as well as I was. You stated, "I dropped out because of drugs and alcohol. But by God's grace, I'm striving again to graduate because I really want to do better for myself, family and others." I know that was not any easy "brick wall" to climb over but I'm glad that you got yourself back on track. The biggest mistake we can make sometime is not learning from our mistakes.It is proven that you have learned your lesson. I pray that you continue to move in the direction you going.

    There were a few minor mistakes that I found. I'm sure it was a simple oversight, which I know can be done because I don't always catch mine either. Other than that, job well done. Hope you enjoy your Spring Break!

  3. Well written. Thoughtful. I am glad you found the video useful. It is a powerful statement.