Sunday, April 22, 2012

Creativity and Curiosity: My Thoughts - Special Post #12A.

Creativity and Curiosity: My Thoughts - Special Post #12A.

Dr. Strange, I believe curiosity and creativity are the core values of our future for education. The reason I say this is because it was the curiosity of the children of yestreday that created the inventions of technology for today. It started in the mind of a child and eventually evolved into more. 

child thinking
I do belive that teachers can play a huge part in supporting this system, but it will take a huge amount of self denial and a killing of pride. There are many teachers that are stuck in traditions of yesterday and refuse to conform to the technology of today. I can understand many of there arguments, because they have plenty of great reasons. The children can be exposed to porn, predators of children, identity theft and many more. Now, any realist can not ingore the validity of these arguements, but the question is this; should be reject such a movement for a few bad apples? Should we destroy cars because of a few recalls in production? Should we do away with cell phones because of drop calls? Maybe we should do away with education because of a few teachers that violated the rules? Sounds silly right? Well, that is the view of trying to stop children from being curious. 

We all should play a part in helping children to think. It is embedded in their DNA by God to be curious and creative. An attempt to stop a child from being creative is like a human trying to stop a train. It's impossible! But the school system is making a strong effort to suck the life of creativity from our kids, and in some cases, they have succeeded. Here is the good news, the life of curiosness and creativity is not fully dead, it just needs to be revived. So all teachers and educators need to put their minds together and think and agree on a way to revive our children. We should patiently and wisely break down uneffective school methods that is hindering our kids from thinking and daring to be different. Not all teachers will be on board at first, but just as all great movement, many will join in time. There is no exact answer in the open, but it dwells with the heart in minds of todays leaders. The reason I know, is because we(adults) used to possess this zeal also, before the system zapped it away! This is no attempt to bash the system, but rather a challenge to dare to explore the NEW.

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  1. You sound the clarion call. Maybe others will follow. I hope so.