Friday, February 3, 2012

Blog Post # 2

Did you know? 3.0

This was a very eye opening video by Karl Fisch and Scott McLeod! I want to start off saying that just when you think you know something, you realize that you know very little. That's what this video revealed to me. Just some of the information that was provided, helped me to look at technology and the importance of EDM 310 in a different light. As much as we as humans hate to change, the fact is, the world is changing everyday; and it would be wise to adjust with the changes. So Fisch and McLeod conveyed a great message of being aware of our fast changing world, and leaving a question of what does this mean to me, which started my brain to think.

For example, the point was brought out that 93% of all 8-18 year olds in the US have computers in their home now. I'm 32 years old and when I grew up, I had no computer in the home at the age of 8, nor by the time I graduated at the age of 17. So my children will be educated in manner that I was not; and I have to accept the fact that this is true, whether I agree with technology or not. They also mentioned how China will become the number one English speaking country in the world; so why aren't we learning their language more? What is the benefits? This is just a couple of questions that came to light after watching Did you know.
This is a link to the video Did You Know?3.0

Mr Winkle

I found in my review of this video of Mr. Winkle a similar message of what was given in Did you know 3.0. Needleman seems to deliver a message of a need of awareness of world change. Mr. Winkle woke from his 100 years of sleep and began to discover the change. So he starts to realize the depth of change and he began to feel sick and visits a local hospital only to reject the change because of technology. So he leaves a walks for a very long time and finally notices a school and he likes the school because after 100 years, the teaching style had not changed. That was a very sad part of the movie, but delivers a powerful point. We should always be open to change and not settle for old traditions of technology.

I can agree with the point of this video because things do change, even from day to day. Unless I'm willing to change, I will be left behind. So in my endeavors of become a teacher, I want to seek ways of new innovations in the way we teach. So this in what I learned from this video and I truly believe that change is necessary to adapt with life.
This is a link to the video Mr. Winkle Wakes 

The Importance of Creativity

The importance of creativity by Ken Robinson was a very rich video, to say the least. In this film there was so many good points to grasp. Robinson started off with the statement "everybody has an interest in education." Which I find to be true, whether it's about money, religion, children and etc., we all have an interest in teaching and learning about something. Robinson said that, "Education takes us into the future that we can't grasp," which has a strong point. We are always teaching the children of today about the unseen future of tomorrow. So in a strange way, we shape tomorrow by what we teach our children today. He gave a power story about this woman who couldn't stop moving, and said that in todays time we would have gave her a pill and sent her on her way. Robinson said she later became a dancer and then opened her own dance class and then became a millionaire! Maybe we have just become so focused on teaching that we have stopped learning.

What I take away from this video is that I should leave room for creativity in our children. We need to let them be kids and listen and observe their ideas. Each kid is different and posses different talents and values that is waiting to explode. So when I teach my kids in the future I will keep and open mind and always strive to leave room for them to be creative, without compromising my duty as a teacher.
 Sir Ken Robinson: The Importance of Creativity

A Vision for the 21st Century Learning

This suggested video by Kenesha Brown was eye opening. This video argued that we need to take heed of the great technology around us. One point that was given, was that we should stop stuffing our children's head with facts with no context. We just give them multiple choice questions and if they pass the test, we say they have learned, but have they? This is a good question to consider for all teachers and future educators. This video also displays the importance of computers and the ability of a simple video game, with the ability to teach our kids art and much more. Now of course there is the potential of being exposed to uncensored pop ups, but thats why we have proper supervision at all times.

So I take away from this film the wisdom of using what is at hand; whether we accept it or not, computers are a way of life, in the twenty first century. We should seek ways of new innovations, to increase our education tools for the children of tomorrow. We should not have the same tools 100 years from now, that we use today; but that's the outcome unless we keep searching and seeking for better resources for our children.
A Vision for 21st Century Learning

Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts

Vicki Davis is what I would call a modern day teaching pioneer. I noticed immediately her boldness to be different. In this video she speaks on teaching students about "learning how to learn." I think this is very important because a lot of time we just assume that all students have to same learning abilities; which is not true. Some kids take a little longer to get moving, similar to a tractor trailer starting out on the interstate, they may start of last but before its over, they are the most powerful thing on the road. I feel that way about kids after watching this video, we need to try different methods. Probably twenty years ago, we were using none of the teaching tools we use today. Davis also pushed to point of telling her children to "be thinkers," I agree that we shouldn't think for them, but with them. It's no wonder she won the award for the Best teacher in the world blog writer. There is an old saying, 'it's the ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, that usually does."

I took from this video great ideas for new innovations in and outside the classrooms. I do music so I can see the importance of using the technology at hand. That's the great thing about learning, it always goes beyond our simple boundaries. I bet the maker of computers never imagined in his wildest dreams of what they would be able to do today. So I feel this video has educated and help me to stay focused on being different in a positive manner and to not be afraid of making mistakes.  Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts 


  1. The video by Karl Fisch and Scott McLeod was eye opening to me. It got me to thinking about how children use technology at such a young age, and about the different ways teachers can use advances in technology to connect and educate children. I had never heard the saying "it's the ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, that usually does," until reading your blog. I like it! This video made me really think about the kind of teacher I want to be, and not to be intimidated by technology.
    I do disagree with what you said about how 20 years ago we didn't use any of the teaching tools we learn today.This class is really opening my eyes to how little teaching has changed over time, and how important it is to change that!

  2. "We should always be open to change and not settle for old traditions of technology." Why the don't we?

    "Maybe we have just become so focused on teaching that we have stopped learning." Well said!

    " I do music so I can see the importance of using the technology at hand." Why do you think music can change rather quickly compared to education?