Sunday, February 12, 2012

Blog Post # 3

Technology in Special Education

This video by Lacey Cook taught me another lesson on technology. When I normally think about technology, I think from about a normal functioning human being. But in watching this video I realized that there are others with special needs that can be reached through technology. For example, Kris using his mouse because he was having a hard time using his hand to do a crossword puzzle. So technology has effected students and people in areas that we don't commonly think about.

Special Education Picture

I personally have gained a few thoughts on thinking beyond the norm, when trying to reach new innovations. Our children come in all different shapes and sizes and we need to continue to search out new methods of educating them properly. The quick way is not always the best way, but in many cases it can help. So in conclusion, let us all as teacher and potential teachers think beyond ourselves, and see the world.
 Technology in Special Education

Science App

My choice of app to use in the class would be this Science app. The reason I selected this app is because I'm a huge fan of science and nature! I believe you should teach something that your excited about, sorta like it's contagious. A lot times people become excited about what you are excited about, if I teach boring, then they will receive it boring.

The benefit of this app, is that we could do in depth research about particular topics in science, while receiving up to date information. I have an apple phone and it gives random updates on the certain apps from time to time. So with each school year we could monitor progress if volcanos, sea life, ground condition, and etc. So these are just a few ideas that came to mind, that I would use from year to year in teaching and educating my students about science through this app.
 How the Ipad Works with Academics for Autism

Social Media Count

This video count by Gary Hayes was amazing and scary all at the same time. When I realized just how much social media has changed the world, it was a little scary. What I mean by that is that if you haven't bought in to the movement of technology, you could be left behind. I consider myself somewhat up to date on computer literacy, but with so much room to grow. You never really realize just how social media is being used until you see these number in action. I really like this count because it provides a sense of liveness to the reality of what going on.

Now, for teaching strategies, this count will help me in my class. The reason I can say this is because I can find out what social media tools is most popular. I can also use this count as a tool of persuasion for my students, to help teach them that we are not wasting time by using these methods for teaching. I thank Mr. Hayes for posting this count and plan to refer back to it from time to time.
 Gary’s Social Media Chart

A Vision of Students today

The more I watch these videos, the more I think about the traditional style of teaching. This video by Michael Wesch had a solid message about how we teach our students. Technology is a very power tool for teaching and educating, I totally agree with that idea. Now I do think we should not say that technology alone can save us. This was a thought posted in this video, but some methods of old school teaching is irreplacable. For example, a child being bullied or a child being sick and needing help; it takes a real human teacher to respond to those  type of needs. But again, the traditional way has changed and for the most part technology has helped to make it. Computers in the class is a great idea, as long as we monitor the students behavior, to make sure they are not on Facebook or Twitter while in class. So, old chalk board teaching methods can be revised in my humble opinion.

My plan for teaching my students in the future will most likely involve computers. Children just have a sense of excitement when they are in front of a computer. It's like the human mind is magnetic to the materials that are available on a computer. Computers are quicker and very powerful, they can bring a new innovation in the way we teach. So I thank Wesch for sharing this very informative video.
 Michael Wesch: A Vision of Students Today

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