Friday, February 17, 2012

Blog Post #4

Podcasting for me is a very new piece of material. I actually run a online radio station called So I am familiar with broadcasting but I have never broadcasted in Podcast, though I'm familiar with the name. So in my research of learning about Podcast, I've learn a lot.

I first want to say that Podcast is a very powerful tool for education. I was reading a piece of material about the "1st Graders Create their own Read Along Audio book." Their was great ideas about script writing and voice recording used to connect with kids around the world. I was listening to a 6th grade podcast and in this podcast I heard sound effects of the animals and machines that they spoke about. The reason I think this idea of podcasting with children is so awesome, is because it's new and exciting! It helps bring a new and innovative ways of grabbing our childrens' attention to learn. When I was in school, I actually dreaded some particular classes. Honestly because I though they were boring, but this is why podcast is great! There is probably not a kid in the world who would hate using podcast to learn.

I also read "Benefits of Podcasting in the classroom." This video explained the essential values of podcasting. For example, podcasting brings effective ways of interacting with students, projected based learning, and even opened a way to help a sick child at home take a test, while away from class. I thought it was simply amazing that a child at home could take an important test, instead of coming to class and getting everyone sick.

Finally, Jody Scharfs podcast information, taught me what a podcast was. It's basically a Ipod and a broadcast mixed together. There was also an awesome video on how to create a podcast. This information as a collection, will be effective in providing me great ideas in creating my Podcast.


  1. You need links that work.

    Are you ready for your podcast? I look forward to listening to it.

  2. Hi Frederic! It was interesting to learn that you have your own online radio station. This should help you in making your own podcast for this class. I agree that podcasting is powerful for education. Students love doing podcasts, and it allows for all of the students to be involved in the assignments. Also, like you said, podcasts allow for students to stay up-to-date with their assignments and tests if they cannot make it to class. Podcasting also keeps parents informed and involved because they can listen to the assignments and know exactly what their child should be doing in that class.

    I would suggest to provide links to the articles and videos you talk about so that someone who is reading your post can go to the place that you are talking about. Also, you should go into more depth with each subject (at least two paragraphs). For your next blog assignment, make sure to proofread your work before submitting because there were some grammatical and punctuation errors. Overall, your post was pretty good! Just keep in mind some of the suggestions for future assignments.